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Writing novels with innovative plots, strong romance, and inspirational, liberty-spirited themes

Meet award-winning author Gen LaGreca

Provocative ideas to challenge the mind. Passionate characters to excite the spirit. Tales of unusual people doing unusual things. Stories of pressing issues and unnerving conflicts. Adventures that inspire us to rise above obstacles and reach for our dreams. These are the qualities you'll find in Gen LaGreca's novels.

At a time when plot stories and character studies, as well as romances and thrillers, often appear in separate categories of fiction, and thought-provoking themes are rare, Gen combines a rich mix of story elements in each satisfying read. Gen's variety of life experiences — in science and business, as well as in philosophy and writing—brings vibrant characters, big issues, thematic depth, and an outside-the-box approach to her novels.

Displaying her talent and virtuosity in different genres, Gen created Noble Vision, a romantic medical thriller, and A Dream of Daring, a historical murder mystery. Each book offers a page-turning tale that is lovingly crafted, award winning, Amazon best-selling, and critically acclaimed. On the playful side, Gen offers her romantic short story, Three Days to Find a Wife.

Gen’s newest novel is the science fiction adventure and romance Fugitive From Asteron.

Winged Victory Press

Gen's novels are published by Winged Victory Press. The soaring statue shown on the logo expresses in stone what treasured books portray in words—the noble and uplifting in art and in life.

A Dream of Daring — a historical novel and murder mystery by Gen LaGreca

In antebellum Louisiana, a courageous battle for advancement and freedom leads to mayhem and murder.

A visionary inventor builds a prototype tractor to replace slave farming—and the town's planters vow to destroy him. This raging struggle between a freedom-loving innovator and a privileged elite that desperately clings to power is packed with lessons for our own time.

"thought-provoking" Booklist
"engaging . . . suspenseful . . . relevant for all ages" ForeWord Reviews
"much recommended reading" Midwest Book Review

ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist
Midwest Book Awards
Finalist in Historical Fiction
Midwest Book Awards
Finalist in Romance

2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
, Finalist in Regional Fiction
2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Finalist in Multicultural Fiction


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Noble Vision — a romantic medical thriller by Gen LaGreca

A doctor and patient's agonizing fight for freedom to choose in today's world of medicine in peril.

A gifted surgeon with a new cure, a beautiful dancer who urgently needs it—and a crushing state health system that won't allow it. This sweeping romantic thriller garnered praise from a Nobel laureate, a former presidential candidate, a past president of the American Medical Association, and other notable persons.

"very highly recommended reading" Midwest Book Review

Writer's Digest International Book Awards Finalist
ForeWord Book-of-the-Year Finalist
Midwest Book Awards Finalist

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Fugitive From Asteron — A science fiction novel for teens, young adults, and the forever young-in-spirit by Gen LaGreca

 A young rebel’s daring escape from the brutal Planet Asteron leads him on a wild adventure. His life—and the fate of two planets—is about to change forever.

Fugitive From Asteron is a tale of first love, of grit and courage, of harrowing danger, and of a shocking mystery unfolding. At heart, it’s the story of a young man’s struggle to heal the wounds of a brutal past, to learn what makes happiness possible, and to claim his own life.

“exceptionally well written from beginning to end” Midwest Book Review


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Three Days to Find a Wife — a short story by Gen LaGreca

Sample Gen's engaging writing in the adventures and mishaps of shy, introverted Henry Eldridge, who has three days to find a wife—or else something dire will happen. And he hasn't even begun looking. In his frantic search to find the ideal woman and to drag her to the altar in three days, Henry learns something that will change his life forever.

"This short story displays the author's refreshing sense of humor and her high regard for individualism and healthy independence." An Amazon reader's review

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