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A Dream of Daring

Dream of Daring

In the most tumultuous period in America's history, a dramatic struggle rages between a courageous innovator and a privileged elite that desperately clings to power.

This intriguing new novel, rich in ideas and filled with passion, is a thrilling read for all lovers of fiction and freedom.

The place: Louisiana. The year: 1859.

Tom Edmunton, the visionary son of a planter, invents a prototype tractor. He foresees an age of mechanized farming that will replace slavery. But his radical ideas infuriate the townspeople, who fear that their traditional way of life would be shaken or even abolished.

That's just on the opening pages of A Dream of Daring, the remarkable novel by Gen LaGreca.

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Awards for A Dream of Daring

Book of the Year Finalist

Finalist in Historical Fiction
Midwest Book Awards

Finalist in Romance
Midwest Book Awards

Finalist in Regional Fiction
2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist in Multicultural Fiction
2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards


The plot grabs you and won't let go

An old era is crumbling and a revolutionary modern age is just ahead. As Tom hears the call of the future, he is attracted to two very different women.

Rachel, a senator's daughter, loves him, but he wonders whose side she will take if her family and neighbors turn against him. Solo, an obstreperous mulatto slave, despises him, along with all men of the race that subjugates her. Rachel is free, but is her spirit chained? Solo is chained, but is her spirit free?

Tensions between Tom and the town's planters mount, and then—his invention is stolen. A shocking murder sparks events and disclosures that will leave no one's life unchanged.

Secrets and lies. Suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. Genuinely surprising plot twists and turns. And a final revelation you'll never see coming.

A Dream of Daring unfolds a story that's complex, ingenious, original. Set against the growing conflicts leading up to the Civil War, it's a haunting tale of the Old South, with its majestic plantations, vast fields, elegant gentry, and embattled slaves.

Ideas relevant to today's world

The meaning and themes of A Dream of Daring are far reaching. This intellectual murder mystery is more than an irresistible page-turner. It conveys a message of independence, self-sovereignty, and the triumph of the individual.

At a crossroads of American history, this sweeping story focuses on the timeless battle between two kinds of people and their clashing visions: those who embrace science, progress, and freedom—and those who spare no effort to maintain their iron grip on the lives of others. The first group wants to harness nature, the second other men.

Today, these forces still battle. Which will triumph? No question could be more important. This carefully researched book has important implications for the struggle for freedom and individualism in our time.

A Dream of Daring  has been racking up high praise from leading book industry reviewers and other discerning readers

"Thought-provoking" - BOOKLIST

"Engaging . . . suspenseful . . . relevant for all generations." - FOREWORD REVIEWS

". . . an enticing blend of mystery and romance, much recommended reading." - MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"Grab your seat for a tumbling ride back to the high-stakes, hoop-flying, tumultuous time when cotton was king. Gen LaGreca takes you for a jaunt in her carriage through fields of fragrant words, luscious descriptions, and panoramic views. . . . " - BARRY FARBER, host of The Barry Farber Show

"I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twists and turns, the passionate inter-racial romance, the delicious rebellion against convention, and the challenge to subjugation of all kinds." - MARSHA FAMILARO ENRIGHT, President, Reason, Individualism and Freedom Institute

"This is a heroic and inspiring novel that's also packed with rich insights, lessons—and warnings—for today. . . ." - JOHN BLUNDELL, author of Ladies for Liberty: Women Who Made a Difference in American History

Rave reviews from Amazon readers

"A thought-provoking tale pitting innovation, independence, and courage in work and love against the traditions of the antebellum South. The psychology of those who would control has many parallels to what's going on today."

"The power of ideas lifted the novel beyond the bounds of history and suspense and into the realm of inspiration."

"A passionate defense of individuality and the liberty that allows it to flourish."

"I was so captivated that I kept finding excuses to get back to that gorgeous novel."

"An antebellum Atlas Shrugged. A saga of the triumph of the human spirit over evil and oppression."

"This is a book about the ideas that move the world, and the consequences of the actions one takes based on the ideas one holds."

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A Dream of Daring is not only a supremely entertaining historical novel; it also poses crucial issues for our own imperiled world. Epic, heroic, and inspiring, A Dream of Daring will likely take its place as one of the memorable works in the literature of freedom. Read it now—and join in the thrilling conversation!

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